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When I was younger, my Dad sadly passed away and this was extremely hard on me. After I had my first little girl years later, she asked me where my Dad was. I felt for her age at the time and honestly, I don't think I was ready either, I wanted to tell her something magical so, I told her that her Grandad turns the moon on at night to keep us safe.

From then whenever we saw the moon she would say " Look! Grandad's turned the moon on." She would also make a joke if we saw the moon in the morning that he must have forgotten and left the light on. When she was older, she naturally understood that my Da had passed away, but she kept his story alive.

When her little sisiter was born, she would tell her that her Grandad would turn the moon on to keep them safe. They both loved this story and this inspired me to share this with others and the adventures, memories I have about my Dad. They both made me remember the happiness in what was one of the hardest times. Sometimes having a child's perspective of the world can be a very magical, comforting place to be.

I hope 'Moon' brings comfort to those families that may be experiencing a loss and evoke pleasant memories of loved ones to be shared with one another that will live forever in their hearts.

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